At Wearing & Blairs, we aim to keep costs affordable, whilst still providing high quality legal advice and service. We will discuss likely costs with you at the outset, and as matters proceed.

Lawyers charge for their services in different ways. At Wearing & Blairs we usually charge for our services at the rate prescribed by the Higher Courts Cost Scale, as amended from time to time.

In some instances, for example Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives, we prepare documents for a set fee. In other cases, we are happy to discuss costs and provide an estimate of our anticipated fees.

Legal services are not cheap, so you don’t want your lawyer doing unnecessary work for you. Our experience enables us to get to the crux of the matter quickly and cost-effectively.

In most cases we are willing to wait until a matter is resolved before sending a bill for our work. We are willing to act on a “no win – no fee” agreement in appropriate cases.

In the South Australian Employment Tribunal an injured worker is usually able to recover a substantial proportion of his or her legal costs from the compensating authority even if the dispute is ultimately unsuccessful.

In actions under the Fair Work Act, 1994 (SA) or the Fair Work Act, 2009 (Cth) costs are not usually awarded.

In other litigation, such as a claim for damages for injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident, the general rule is that the successful party is entitled to recover the majority of his or her legal costs from the opponent.

In Inheritance (Family Provision) Act claims, fees may ultimately be payable from the estate, but this is not always the case.

There may be other sources of funding for legal costs, which we will discuss with you.

Joseph Wearing acted for me in a defamation case associated with my work. While the attack on my reputation was confronting, I knew from the start that I had a wonderful advocate in Joseph. He communicated to me with clarity and timeliness. In his dealings with the other side, he argued my case skillfully.

Because of his advocacy, the matter was settled swiftly and to my complete satisfaction.

– Annette M


Fixed Fee Services

We offer the following services at fixed rates (all prices are inclusive of GST):


Simple Wills

If your Will and circumstances are simple, our fees are generally Single $550 & Couple $770.

Complex Wills

If your wishes or circumstances are complex, then our costs are guided by the Higher Courts Costs Scale (current version available upon request or online).

Advance Care Directives

Single $440 & Couple $660

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Single $440 & Couple $660

Reduced to $330 Single & Couple $550 when prepared with your Will(s) and/or Advance Care Directive(s).

Deceased Estates

We charge at Higher Courts Costs Scale for deceased estate matters. Costs depend on the amount and complexity of work involved.

Further Information

There is no charge to store your original estate planning documents at Wearing & Blairs for safekeeping.

Our Wills & Estates Lawyer, Karin Harris can provide further information about fees and services.

This was a long process requiring the collation of a lot of medical information, in the beginning I found this a bit difficult with limited knowledge of the public liability system and in no way is it a criticism, it’s just the way the system works. I was always well informed of the process and as time went by, I could see logical progress. I felt that at all times Joseph always was accessible, he responded to any questions by me efficiently, thoroughly, professionally and promptly, even one at 6am in the morning when I had emailed him at 5.30 am in a bit of a panic.

I think the company’s fees are very reasonable, far better than any other law firm I have had dealings with.

Joseph has been willing to follow up issues as they arose in relation to the claim, before, during and after settlement, this was very professional and appreciated. I think that Joseph acts in a very diligent and thorough manner at all times and would not hesitate to use WearingLaw in the near future for example to revisit our wills.

– David B